NOT using this free firefox addon means you will miss out on downloading tons of free mp3s!

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Because mp3 butler is ..

A completely free firefox addon that allows you to download unlimited FREE mp3 directly from within youtube!


It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Load
2) Point
3) Click


[click here] to view an in-action screenshot.

It really is that easy ... (as shown below).
With our in-use video.

What's more there is ..

No need to leave youtube and no other software is required.

Don't worry because it's certified 100% virus/malware free @ [virustotal.com] So why not [click here] to download it now!

It's like your own personal little youtube servant :)

And it's free so
What have you got to lose?

to download/install directly from mozilla add-ons (mozilla addons is the central Firefox repository for all firefox addons!)

Worried about piracy?

Rest assured mp3butler.com is a win-win-win situation! Find out more about that by clicking [here]

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