mp3 butler is ..


A completely *FREE* firefox addon that allows you to download unlimited FREE mp3 **DIRECTLY** from WITHIN youtube! (in two clicks!)


Without having to leave youtube!
No other software required!

It's completely free!

[click here] to view an in-action screenshot. and

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Or ..

to download/install directly from mozilla add-ons.

After all ...
It's as easy as 1-2-3!

To get unlimited free mp3!
with mp3butler.com

1) Load
2) Point
3) Click


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It really is that easy ... ! (as demonstrated below).

Now all you gotta do is ???
Enjoy :) If you

to download/install your copy for FREE right now!

mp3 butler has been downloaded : times so far!

and it's like your own personal little youtube sidekick! :)

Worried about piracy?

Rest-assured @ mp3butler.com it's a win-win-win situation!
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P.S: For those that don't use firefox web-browser
[click here] for a completely free web-based version!

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